Author: Cassandra Ledger

Austin Perine: The Young Hero Fighting Hunger

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but it isn’t his size that makes Austin Perine a different kind of superhero. This four-year-old has the power to feed the homeless. And his alter-ego? President Austin. It all began while watching a show about animals with his father, TJ Perine. In the show, a mother panda abandoned its baby. Perine told his son that this made the cub homeless, which inspired a slew of questions from the bright little boy: What’s “homeless?” Are people homeless? To help his son better understand these questions, TJ Perine took Austin to the city...

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Dolester Miles: The Pastry Chef From Birmingham Making Headlines

Each year, the James Beard Foundation awards chefs around the nation with prestigious baking and cooking awards. Many refer to this event as the “Oscars of the food world.” Dolester Miles had already been nominated for Best Pastry Chef twice before, and her place of employment—The Highlands Bar and Grill—had been nominated for Best Restaurant a whopping 10 times, so at this point, the disappointment of loss had worn off and was replaced with the excitement of a short getaway to Chicago. A Dream Come True But the Alabama chef’s time away from home turned out to be much...

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