Author: Emmanuel Zalikofsky

Power Philanthropist Profile: Frances Fisher

Credit: Jupiter Magazine The thought of working with a President of the United States seems like a distant and far-fetched one to most Americans. Whether it be a dream job, or simply a passing through, those who work for one of this nation’s presidents are clear a part of an exclusive circle and breed of person. Work in the White House Once upon a time, this was the life Frances Fisher led. During the George H.W. Bush administration, Fisher worked as a special assistant to the President’s counsel, as well as serving as a member of the advance team...

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Philanthropic J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Helps Communities Rise

Credit: Daily Dot To many, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is the company they turn to for their banking. The company achieved the titles of the largest bank in the United States and the sixth largest in the entire world through a series of acquisitions over the past century, making them a dominating force in the world of banking. But with such a large company, there are bound to be problems. The company has been a part of their fair share of scandals in just the past fifteen years. In November of 2009, J.P. Morgan was charged to fulfill a...

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Using Art to Break Mental Health Stigmas

Credit: Stocksy United In 1855, the Saint Joan De Déu Mental Hospital in Sant Boi, Spain, opened its doors. One would think the town’s short distance to Barcelona, its scenic views of the Parque Forestal del Montbaig nature reserve, and its mountains make the location a hot spot. Its rich culture of art could drag in people across the world, but natives many of Spain don’t see Sant Boi in this warm light. They don’t see the lush nature and history. They only see the hospital. The City and Mental Health Over the past several years, people across the...

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Theaster Gates, the Artist Revitalizing Chicago

Credit: Colby College Potter, academic, painter, sculptor, performance artist, inspirational speaker. What sounds like a list of those attending perhaps a convention for the arts is actually a list of accolades artist Theaster Gates has made for himself. Native to the West Side of Chicago, Gates first became interested in performance and arts at his family’s Baptist church. His passion for the arts led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning and Ceramics from Iowa State University. Later, he received a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Religious Studies from University of Cape Town. His work balances...

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The Dynamic Life of Anderson Cooper

Credit: CNN For years now, Anderson Cooper has provided millions of people with their daily news. His smooth tone, his ability to provide opinions and facts in a level-headed way, and his willingness to express his own emotions make him one of the top journalists in the industry. Be it with Anderson Cooper 360, 60 Minutes, or his Facebook news series, Full Circle, Cooper is constantly working to provide the American public with the informational stories they deserve.   Between his live news shows, travel, and additional television appearances, Anderson Cooper is a man always on the move. He...

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