Author: Emmanuel Zalikofsky

Exclusive Interview: Shaun Bythell and The Diary of a Bookseller

Editor’s note: Shaun Bythell is proprietor of the unique, aptly named Bookshop in Wigtown, Scotland. Though running a book store was never the life Bythell thought he would lead, it is a road he is pleased to have ended up on. After owning the shop for 10 years, Bythell recently released a memoir on the experiences that go hand-in-hand with running a secondhand book store, and the many faces that come and go. In this exclusive interview, The Sophia News discusses the winding road Shaun Bythell took that led him to running The Bookshop, his work as a writer,...

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Donna Hopkins, the Athlete Breaking Barriers

Credit: Donna Hopkins Donna Hopkins went into surgery thinking the pain caused by her fibroids would soon be over, and she could be able to progress as normal. Unfortunately, unexpected complications can arise without any moment’s notice. Due to a blood clot followed by other surgical complications, the doctors were forced to amputate her left leg—a devastating blow for the athlete. But Ms. Hopkins did not let this obstacle stop her. She had already overcome breast cancer twice, and she isn’t slowing down any time soon. In a recent interview with Black Enterprise, Donna Hopkins relays the struggles of...

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The Bevy: A True Community Pub

Credit: The Argus Thousands of pubs and bars close their doors for good every year. For many, this is a sad, but not unheard of, event, and they simply move on to the next closest establishment. For others, it means more. A gathering location was shut down. This is the plight residents of Bevendean were faced with when the Bevendean Hotel closed in 2010. For being so close to the tourist center of Brighton, one would think that Bevendean would be a thriving little town, but it is quite the opposite. The forgotten area has made a name for...

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