Author: Jamie Chandler

Review: Twyla Tharp 50th Anniversary Tour at The Kravis Center

Modern Dance is one of those fringe art forms, like poetry and harpsichord playing with a devout niche audience that has struggled to create an opening in the arts with a larger audience and financial backing. Twyla Tharp is undoubtedly a legend in the genre. Her career, spanning more than 50 years is a testament to her perseverance and staying power, as much as it illuminates her ability to adapt to changing aesthetics and tastes. While many high-brow art forms bemoan the diminishing numbers in the seats at symphony performances, ballet productions and operas, Modern Dance has that strange...

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The Future of Education is in Art and Technology

An unfortunate side effect of focusing talks about public education on academic achievement, art education has taken a serious blow in America over the past few decades. From the president comparing our math and science test scores to that of students overseas, and the crackdown on a standardized testing regime that enforces a score-based success, our children are learning how to be good students rather than intelligent people. A Creative Solution In fact, most parents would prefer to have their children exposed to a more artistic curriculum, making them seek out alternative options which cost extra money. Yet this...

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An American Journey In Broward: Barbara Sharief, Mayor of Broward County

A Profile in American Success Born to a loving mother and father on November 7th, 1971, Barbara Sharief spent her early life as one of eight children in a ten-person household. A native Floridian, she was raised in both Dade and Broward counties along with her seven other siblings and eventually attended North Miami Senior High School. Her father, James Sharief, was a spiritual family man and self-employed clothing salesman who had a knack for negotiating and buying wholesale dresses. Dresses he would then sell out of his white truck and collapsible stall at various locations around the city. “Unless he had to...

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