The Smog-Free Tower by Daan Roosegaarde

Dan Roosegaarde is changing the way we think about public sculpture and design. The Dutch designer and artist has created a fascinating new series of “Smog-Free Towers” that double as public sculptures while purifying the air in outdoor spaces. The works are currently installed in Holland and China.

Originally funded on kickstarter, the Smog-Free Towers have become a design sensation. Designed as aesthetically-futuristic towers resembling many contemporary skyscrapers, the works remove pollutants at the micro level in the environment and recycle the air back into the area as fully pure. In the process, the waste carbons are then collected and manufactured into “Smog Rings” or synthetic diamonds!

The Smog Ring

The artist has also been featured in a TED talk.

Here is the video of the TED talk: