App Limits Food Waste by Saving 150k Meals a Day

App Limits Food Waste by Saving 150k Meals a Day

App Limits Food Waste by Saving 150k Meals a Day

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Food waste is a problem everyone is vaguely aware of. Pre-made meals at grocery stores are tossed at the end of the day because no one purchased them. Ingredients that went unused but are too little for a foodbank to come pick up are thrown out instead of donated.

The waste is unfortunate, but few realize just how big of a problem it is. Food waste across the globe produces 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions—a large number considering how easy it seems to fix.

This was exactly Lucie Basch’s thought process when she co-founded Too Good To Go. The app, which launched in Copenhagen, offers buyers a bag of discounted food from restaurants and markets that otherwise would have gone to waste.  

Too Good To Go was co-founded by Lucie Basch in an effort to solve the food waste problem.

​“We wanted to find a simple solution,” Basch says.

​The app is not only prudent for its’ environmental impact, but its economic impact. Instead of losing money on stock, restaurants are able to make money on items that otherwise would have gone to waste. Given how strenuous the pandemic was on restaurants across the world (to the point of many forced to close for good), this support makes a world of difference to small businesses in particular.

What’s more, the app benefits the consumer. People have access to good food at a lower price—something that is invaluable after such a difficult year.

The app launched in the United States in 2020 precisely when it was needed most. Since then, 1,500 restaurants have signed up in major metropolitan areas like New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and more.

To Good To Go helps solve food waste. Credit: Tech Crunch

“We think we can save more than two million meals from the trash in the U.S. in 2021 already,” Lucie Basch says. “That’s thousands of tons of emissions avoided.”

It seems that Too Good To Go is on track to meet this goal. With a presence in 15 countries and a userbase of around 37 million people, Too Good To Go estimates that 150,000 orders are saved per day.  At this rate of success, the app is set to make an impressive, positive impact on the world that we desperately need now.


Credit: Too Good To Go






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