Special-Needs Teen Raises Money for Charities With 1,600 Acts of Kindness

Special-Needs Teen Raises Money for Charities With 1,600 Acts of Kindness

Special-Needs Teen Raises Money for Charities With 1,600 Acts of Kindness

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​When the global pandemic shut down England in March of 2020, 17-year-old Sebbie Hall nearly gifted his good friend, who didn’t have a mobile device, his personal iPad so they could keep in touch via Zoom. His mother, Ashley Hall, suggested that he instead raise funds.

When she asked him to consider what skills he could use to raise cash, his answer was simple:

Sebbie Hall. Credit: ITV This Morning

​“I can be kind.”

What was to be one kind gesture has grown into something far bigger than either mother or son expected. Sebbie Hall made it his mission to perform at least one act of kindness every day, a number he has more than doubled. Since March, Hall has performed more than 1,600 acts of kindness.

These acts have been diverse in nature—from walking his neighbor’s pets and washing cars, to handing out PPE and turning unwanted Halloween pumpkins into soup and pies for the needy, to handing out lottery tickets and roses to strangers, to helping out at foodbanks.

His gestures of kindness are monumental for any teenager, but they are especially tremendous for Sebbie Hall. He was born with a rare chromosome anomaly that has led to physical and learning difficulties throughout life. At one point, doctors thought he would never be able to walk or talk. It’s fair to say that Hall proved them wrong in ways that they never could have anticipated.

“Kindness is my superpower,” he says. “I’m not stopping. I want to raise more money and make more people happy.”

Sebbie Hall presenting on of his donation checks. Credit: Ashley Hall.

It’s no surprise the teen’s story has garnered a great amount of attention. Thousands of strangers have donated £28,000 (or $39,000) to Hall’s crowdfunding site, all of which he has donated to charities across England—one of which is a special-needs rugby team.

After a year and a half of good deeds, Hall has attracted the attention of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who thanked Hall for his “wonderful determination” to help others.

Sebbie Hall is far from done with his giving spree. Currently, the 18-year-old is raising money to set up physical therapy suites by running two miles every day. These runs are documented on his crowd funding page, where others can be seen joining in on the fun.

His mother is blown away by him every single day. In the face of his physical disadvantages, Sebbie stands tall and continues to inspire others every day.

“…He somehow found his inner strength of being kind,” she says. “It’s given him a position in his own community and a confidence he didn’t have before.”

Statement from Boris Johnson. Credit: ITV This Morning






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