Author: Suzanne James

Kristen Bell and Friends Get Stranded In a Hotel Thanks to Hurricane Irma: A Good Time Ensues

Getting stuck in a hotel force to wait out a hurricane may not be your idea of a good time but getting stuck with Kristen Bell? Well, let’s say that the star of Spartan, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Frozen proved to be a treat for the many elderly and other folks stranded during Hurricane Irma. Here is a clip of her appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Here is her new friend John serenading her, from her Instagram:   Dear @daxshepard, this is john. He’s my side piece here in Orlando. I hope you understand. I’m powerless over...

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The 20 Year Odyssey of Tulip Fever As Told By Its Writer, Deborah Moggach

Tulip Fever is getting lots of advance praise for it’s period details, steamy eroticism, and big-hearted dramatic love story. The movie, starring Alicia Vikander, looks to be a sure-fire arthouse hit that transcends the intimate confines of fringe appeal and makes its way into the theaters and hearts of film-goers across the globe. Tulip Fever had an an interesting genesis in its evolution from screenplay to release this week. The screenwriter and author Deborah Moggach recently detailed some of the travails involved in getting the film produced after 20 long years of waiting: The moment I’d finished writing my...

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