An unfortunate side effect of focusing talks about public education on academic achievement, art education has taken a serious blow in America over the past few decades. From the president comparing our math and science test scores to that of students overseas, and the crackdown on a standardized testing regime that enforces a score-based success, our children are learning how to be good students rather than intelligent people.

A Creative Solution

In fact, most parents would prefer to have their children exposed to a more artistic curriculum, making them seek out alternative options which cost extra money. Yet this isn’t something everyone can afford. With both the concepts of education and affordability in mind, Eagle Arts Academy founder Gregory James Blount focused on using the opportunity Florida’s charter school system provided to find an appropriate solution; ARTADEMIX.

Building A Strong Foundation For The Future

This 21st-century curriculum is unique to Eagle Arts Academy and features a class set up intended to be both inspiring and thought-provoking. By combining the standard curriculum profile (math, science, english, etc.) with an artistic twist that focuses on collaboration and exploration, the ARTADEMIX program is meant to enhance a child’s four C’s; creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. By enabling these four C’s early on in a student’s life, it sets up a strong foundation for success as they grow older.