The Moving Company That Helps Victims of Abuse

The Moving Company That Helps Victims of Abuse

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With more people trapped at home than ever, another epidemic is on the rise: domestic abuse. Since the beginning of lockdown to now, several studies have shown an increase in domestic abuse reports– some as high as a 20% rise.

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving has come up with a way to combat this: helping those flee their unsafe situation by offering a free moves program. When they say free, they mean it. Every aspect of the move is free, from trucks to labor. The program is offered at all 131 College HUNKS locations across the U.S and Canada.

There are a few steps someone who wishes to escape a situation must take in order to apply for this aid. They must contact their local domestic violence-prevention shelter. The shelter will then coordinate the no-cost move through College HUNKS and ensure the victim is supported during every step of the transition.​


College Hunks was founded in 2005 by Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman.

“I definitely think our Free Moves for Survivors of Domestic Violence program sheds light on a really important issue that is not often talked about,” Nick Freidman, College Hunks co-founder says. “As a purpose driven, socially-conscious organization we’re always looking for ways to positively impact our communities—in this case, particularly for those who feel powerless in unhealthy home situations.”

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving Donates Free Moves to Domestic Violence Victims

HUNKS is an abbreviation for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Service, all of which as aspects that the moving company is taking to heart during these difficult times. On top of offering domestic violence assistance, the moving company has transported COVID-19 testing supplies and medical equipment, as well as donating meals for every completed jobs.

Escaping a dangerous situation is difficult physically and emotionally. With the help of College HUNKS, victims of abuse can take this step knowing they have people on their side who truly want to help.






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