Usually an eight year-old doesn’t want the cops crashing his birthday party. In the case of Daniel Nicastro of North Port, Florida however, this crashing was a dream come true.

Daniel is an autistic and lively fellow whose last birthday was attended by nobody other than his parents after he invited all his friends. This year, after sending out many invitations not a single person RSVP’d.

So his mother Carolyn decided to invite the local police force:

The North Port Police department came to the rescue with a variety of cool gifts, party favors and most importantly, love.


“His father and I remembered the past two years of no one showing up for his birthday parties, he would spend the day crying that he had no friends,”Carolyn Nicastro, told WFLA. “We could not let that happen again.”

Here is the Channel 8 news story:  

And the Official North Port Police Facebook Post: