Long before the world was captivated by clever tales of the harrowing detective Sherlock Holmes, stories about the doings or seekings of criminals have long been a subject of human fascination. And although the concept of an antihero is rather recent, many Hollywood films feature thieves for their leading roles. Now, heist movies of all kinds are a common and enjoyable form of entertainment.

However, heist movies specifically staring diamonds as the main source of revenue are select. Below we’ve gathered a few of these diamond-specific heist movies for diamond enthusiasts everywhere.

After the Sunset

Expert jewel thief Max Burdett and his partner Lola decide to retire at the peak of their thieving career after stealing two of the priceless Napoleonic diamonds. However, upon the island in which they now call home, a ship has docked containing the third and final piece to the set.


Retiring janitor Mr. Hobbs recruits frustrated executive Laura Quinn into stealing from their employer, the London Diamond Corporation.


When a bookie starts dealing with gangsters, suddenly bare knuckles boxer Mickey has to deal with multiple angry people and a stolen diamond.

The Hot Rock

After pulling off the perfect heist using disguises, bombs, and a faked car crash, this team of four loses their prize before handing it off to their buyer. And that’s just the start of the movie.

The Pink Panther

Staring inept French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau, the first film in this comedy series follows Clouseau as he attempts to find the stolen pink panther diamond.

My favorite jewel heist movie has to be Flawless with Demi Moore.

Diamond tradesman Evan Rudnick of Bellingham, Washington admits that “My favorite jewel heist movie has to be Flawless with Demi Moore.” As an experienced diamond seller, he acknowledges that turning precious gems into liquid revenue can be a tricky business. In fact, the world’s largest uncut diamond, one of the United Kingdom’s crown jewels, actually failed to sell at a recent auction. So if you’re looking to make some cash from selling a few old pieces of jewelry, make sure that you have the right buyer in mind.