Atomic Blonde is a hot movie not just because it’s a box office success. Charlize Theron, the bad ass star of the film is dressed in gorgeous fashions throughout: Dior, Max Mara, John Galliano, Burberry, and more. Her look is one part ice queen, one part film noir fashionista, and three parts sex bomb.

This look was created by Cindy Evans, the costume designer of the film who was behind the sumptuous fashions Ms. Theron wears and un-wears throughout! Ms. Evans was recently interviewed by Fashionista. Here are some excellent excerpts.

On the look of the film:

I looked at a lot of Helmut Newton’s work from the ’80s and couldn’t help but be drawn into his photographs and how they imbued strength and sensuality in such a graphic way. I used texture to elevate mood and style and to keep her in a heightened stylistic state.

On the partnership with Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent:

Dior was very instrumental in supporting us on this film, and I am so grateful to them. I had reached out to them early on, and they really wanted to support Charlize and the film — honestly, they were a lifesaver. “Atomic Blonde” in actuality was made as an independent film, so we relied heavily on any designer support we could garner, even if it was at a discount only. They truly upped our game. The red coat Lorraine wears was from the Dior archives; the black and white sweater was Dior, as well. The studded ankle boots were Saint Laurent, and they, too, were generous.

You can read the full interview here.

Atomic Blonde is a sensation because of it’s iconclastic use of color, it’s mesmerizing display of fashion and action and of course, Charlize Theron’s preternatural good-looks.

For a more philosophical take on fashion, glamour and Charlize Theron’s career you may want to read the recent article by George Magalios on Directional Forces.

See the film!