Back in early 2017, many couldn’t fathom that a superhero film not only headlined by a woman, but directed by a woman, would be successful. The release of Wonder Woman proved all those nonbelievers horribly wrong. After the critical acclaim and box office success of the first film, the production team and principle cast were quick to get the ball rolling on a second installment. After a year of waiting, the highly-anticipated sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, began production in Washington D.C.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984

Our leading lady, Gal Gadot, might be neck deep in scripts and action sequences right now, but that didn’t stop her from taking time out of her busy schedule to be a real-life superhero last Friday. To the surprise of patients and staff alike, Gadot arrived at Inova Children’s Hospital in Virginia on June 6 in full Wonder Woman costume, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Gadot arrived with gifts for the children and signed autographs for parents and staff, who were floored by the unsolicited act of kindness. One staff member took to Instagram to say about the event:

Many see Gadot’s heroic actions as a sign of hope for the families afflicted by horrible and life-altering disease. For some who may have been in low faith that afternoon, Gadot was a shining light. Wonder Woman doesn’t just teach young girls to be strong, she teaches everyone to face their demons head on and to never give up. This is an incredibly poignant message for children and families in the midst of trials no one should ever have to face.

The video by CNN below illustrates the compassionate woman Gal Gadot is, as well as the impact she has on so many people.

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