Palm Beach, Florida is an area of the United States known for its wealthy and glamorous citizens. As the average person travels along the residential areas of Palm Beach, they can’t help but be struck by a sense of exclusivity and seemingly unattainable fortune. It is hard to imagine the people in these homes as actual people—not just flawless figurines sitting among gorgeous furniture and wine.

Among these wealthy and elite is Margaret Luce—an actress and model. These days, however, Ms. Luce’s work pulls her away from the glamor of Hollywood and into the harshness of reality. Ms. Luce is a philanthropist.

Margaret Luce Opens Her Home for a Private Tour

Margaret Luce got into modeling at the young age of 14. In an interview with Miss Perfect Woman, she shares that she was on her way to her job at a clothing store when Eileen Ford stopped her and asked if she would ever be interested in modeling. She partook in mainly local work until graduating high school, when she packed her bags and moved to Europe. It was there that she met Valentino, and her career flourished.

Causes Close to the Heart

When she isn’t producing and starring in new films, Margaret Luce is devoting herself to causes near and dear to her heart. Though she has a long and established career in show business, Ms. Luce has seen the personal and professional effect drugs and alcohol has on many. Ms. Luce credits her upbringing and support system to her avoidance of illicit substances, but nevertheless, the toll it took on those close to her inspired her to do something.

Frequently, Ms. Luce works with Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs, Inc. (CARP), where she is a member of the advisory board, and Fern House, Inc, both rehabilitation centers based out of Palm Beach. Several times a year, she organizes charity events and galas whose proceeds go to the two facilities.

Margaret Luce, Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Like many celebrities, Ms. Luce has joined the fight against cancer. When she isn’t working with CARP and Fern House, Ms. Luce also promotes and coordinates events for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. On her philanthropic work, she says:

” I always stay involved in my passion projects, as I like to call them because they provide me the ultimate satisfaction because I am helping others…Every week varies, but I always keep myself busy surrounded with people and projects I adore.”

Margaret Luce is an actress and model, certainly, but her work in Palm Beach County as a philanthropist is what separates her from other celebrities. Ms. Luce is more than just a faceless donor, she is a woman who actively makes a difference in the causes she wants to affect change.