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Every year, come about March, we are bombarded with advertisements and posts on social media warning us about the impending need to have one’s “summer body” at the ready for pool parties, afternoons at the beach, and other summer festivities. As a land of eternal summer, however, the citizens of Miami, Florida have a societal need to be ready to dive into what is usually labeled as a summer activity for most other states, even in the middle of January. Perhaps it is that need that makes Miami one of the top three locations for plastic surgery in the United States.

As a national capital of cosmetic surgery, the city is home to a slew of plastic surgeons—though this does not mean all surgeons were created equal. Years of experience, age, or price isn’t what makes a good or bad doctor—it’s the results and the overall happiness of their clients that truly matters.

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Nearly 30 years of business and over 20,000 surgeries later, one Miami doctor has truly proven his work ethic and quality as a plastic surgeon to not only the population of Miami, but the world of plastic surgery. Dr. Leonard A. Roudner (known by his patients as Dr. Lenny), an Australian-born surgeon, has been commended time and time again for his professionalism, his artistic eye, and his precise hands. It’s what earned him his spot as Miami’s Top Plastic Surgeon.

The University of Melbourne Medical School in Australia granted him the skills that made him a Pinnacle Professional in the field of Medicine by Continental, but it’s in the The Magic City where Dr. Lenny has made a name for himself as a leader in the world of breast augmentation, reduction, and plastic surgery. Patients can find him at South Miami Hospital, Baptist Hospital, and the Aesthetic Surgery Center—all locations of practice for the doctor.

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The goal is to help women (and men) feel comfortable and confident in their skin. Perhaps, post-nursing, a woman wants a lift to help accommodate one of the many changes their bodies underwent. Dr. Lenny can make that happen quickly and efficiently. Perhaps another woman’s cup size is so large that it causes them back and shoulder pain. Dr. Lenny can ease that struggle with a simple reduction surgery. Be they in need of a lift, a revision, liposuction, a tummy tuck, or an injectable, Dr. Lenny can help patients achieve the best version of themselves.

Dr. Lenny doesn’t make false promises to his clients that he can’t keep. His honestly proves he is a true professional. Clients across the board report just how impressed they are with his staff’s kind and caring approach. Where many professionals may let their clients walk out of their post-operation appointment without another word, Dr. Lenny’s staff differs. They continue to keep in touch with their patients, hoping to assure their happiness with their results.

“As a first time plastic surgery patient, I had my reservations,” one patient says, “but Dr. Lenny and his staff went above and beyond to make my experience amazing! From the moment I entered the office to my last appointment, I was treated wonderfully. The staff is sweet and caring, the appointments run on time and are quick, and the best thing is the office is reachable and communicative at anytime. I had a breast reduction surgery and am beyond amazed with the results!”

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The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Medical Association, the American Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the Greater Miami Plastic Surgery Association, and the American Board of Plastic Surgery all serve as organizations Dr. Lenny is affiliated with. Keeping fluent with recent rends and changes in the industry is incredibly important in any medical field, something these organizations strive to do.

Dr. Lenny is a true gem among the plastic surgeons of Miami. His talent and knowledge of the field make him one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in the area, and he still treats each and every one of his clients with the respect they deserve. The reviews have been read and the results are in: Dr. Lenny is one plastic surgeon potential clients can certainly trust.

For more information on Dr. Lenny, or to set up a consultation of your own, call (305) 444-8585, fill out his contact form, or visit his offices.

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