Credit: Positive Outlooks Blog

Some children are born with a gift people spent years trying to master. The same can be said for one nine-year-old boy from Arzamas, Russia.

Pavel Abramov was heartbroken when the family dog died a year and a half ago. When that happened, he felt compelled to help nearby animals in any way he could. Donating time to a local shelter is something that would certainly help, but he wanted to expand his reach while honoring his late dog.

Credit: Good People News

So, Abramov picked up a paintbrush and started accepting online commissions for pet portraits. Instead of payment, the boy asks his customers to send donations, pet food, and supplies to his nearby shelter.

His artistry quickly caught the attention of thousands. Through a social media page set up by his mother, “What is a Little Volunteer Capable of?“, Pavel Abramov has received commissions from nearby people to people as far away as Spain, Germany, and the United States. It is a special thing to have a portrait of a beloved pet, and even more special when the proceeds of those efforts go to a good cause.

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His website reads, “This is the way of a small, indifferent person who wants to be useful and to bring good to the world, to lead others.”

Abramov is the youngest volunteer at the animal shelter in his small city. The shelter cares for around 100 animals, all of whom have benefited from Abramov’s work. His donations gather things from food to medicine, so no animal is left wanting.

Credit: Good News Network

Since beginning his mission, Pavel Abramov has painted hundreds of pet portraits. As word spreads about the good put forth by this nine-year-old boy, Abramov and his mother hope to raise funds in order to find bigger and better ways to help shelters while simultaneously improving the international commissioning process.

Stories like Abramov’s prove that you don’t need to be obscenely rich to make a difference in your community. All you need is a passion and drive to make a difference in the world.