Fashion Through the Space Ages

Fashion Through the Space Ages

Over the decades, fashions seen in the multitude of Star Trek television series have been a topic of many a geeky discussion. However, since analyzing all of it would take some time, we at Sophia News have compiled a short list of notable uniform changes beginning with the original series.


Above is shown the original bridge crew in their iconic technicolor uniforms. Although the bright colors were perfect for the small, basic resolution televisions in this era, the alternative command color of Avacado green showed up poorly on screen. This lead to the myth that Kirk often wore gold instead of yellow like the other command staff.


Despite the fact that it was only in the original series and the prequel series Star Trek Enterprise, the infamous “Red Shirts” were switched to Command, with yellow going to security and engineering.  In addition to this, The Next Generation also introduced what would become a staple in Star Trek outfits: the feminine bodysuit. No longer was the mini-dress just for women.

Towards the end of The Next Generation, the Federation changed uniform styles to a sleeker all-black design with the color designation shown only as a cap along the shoulders. As the Deep Space Nine series progressed, however, the tone and the uniforms became even darker with the gray undershirt and colored swatch changing colors. DS9 bodysuit: Commander Kira.

Star Trek Voyager, on the other hand, went back to a lighter, more colorful theme. Not only were the aliens once again dressed in more outlandish colors, but because the Voyager was stuck without communication to the rest of the Federation, their outfits never change throughout the entire series. The notable difference is in 7 of 9’s bodysuit which shows some advanced tailoring and sleek techno-punk design sense of the 1990’s.

Star Trek Enterprise is the latest TV series that was set in the earliest time period. Archer and his crew are the first humans to use warp drive technology, sailing the first Star Fleet Enterprise before the origination of the Federation. Because this series was supposed to be closest in time to our own, the crew is outfitted in something reminiscent of a NASA astronaut. Here T’Paul’s body suit is to show her connection to the Vulcan science council as she is not an actual member of Star Fleet.

With the newest series, Star Trek Discovery set to come out in 2017, we have to wonder what the next evolution in Star Fleet uniforms will be! Based on current sci-fi trends, I’m betting we’ll be seeing, leather jackets, soft wavy hair, and sculpted physics to fit into those skin tight body suits. For any skin tight body suit needs of your own, check out the revolutionary SculpSure treatment to get that buff, futuristic look!

For more on Star Trek fashions, check out the video below.

UnBoxing Star Trek Costumes

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