For actors getting set for the opening of a new film, press junkets are part of the game. In fact, if you can ever catch an actor in a moment of brutal honesty, they will probably tell you that junkets are a necessary evil when it comes to their profession. Many of them hate them.

So how do you make it interesting? Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann found a way to spice up their interview with a Miami television reporter during their junket for their upcoming film “How to Be Single.”

It wasn’t long before the two actors were trying to convince WSVN entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet to take off his shirt.


For Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann, their journey to stardom is complete. For the next generation of film stars, directors, and producers, the G-Star School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, FL is a place to start. G-Star founder and CEO Greg Hauptner says that things like press junkets will always be a part of the industry.

“Nothing has changed in 100 years.”

And with traditions and industry practices that have been around that long, Dakota and Leslie have definitely found a way to keep it interesting by keeping the media on their toes.