A recent Fidget Quilt made by Pastor Roaland Scroggins

Sometimes it’s the little things and the little gestures that make a difference. Ocala, Florida Pastor Roland Scroggins brings comfort and even happiness to local Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia patients by giving them gifts of his hand-crafted “fidget” quilts. The quilts are colorful and comfortable lap quilts complete with zippers, buttons, frillies and other interesting textural items sewn on the surface to help keep the hands of his elderly friends busy.

Paster Scroggins with his wife Janet.

Studies have show that by manual manipulation of objects, Alzheimer’s patients can reduce stress and suffering caused by their debilitating disease.

“Most of the people who get these don’t even know that I made them and I gave it to them” says Pastor Scroggins, the semi-retired transplant from the Pacific Northwest.

He says he has completed more than a dozen quilts already and he has a Go Fund Me page for those interested in donating to this wonderful cause. The Go Fund Me page was created by one of the Pastor’s kids: “He, along with my mother, Janet Scroggins, goes to rest homes to play the piano, sing and give an encouraging message to the residents.”

We celebrate Pastor Scroggins as one of our Everyday Heroes!