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When one thinks of LeBron James, his prominent role as a basketball player immediately comes to mind. He is not only one of the most famous players in his sport in the United States, but arguably one of the most famous athletes in the world. Perhaps they are unfamiliar with his merchandise and few movie roles, but everyone knows his name.


But when one digs a little deeper, it is evident that he is more than an international, superstar athlete. LeBron James is a man who gives back—especially to the community in which he grew up, Akron, Ohio. For years now, The LeBron James Family Foundation has been positively impacting the lives of children who come from rocky homes by providing them with education, a path to college, and support services, because he knows what it’s like to live in their shoes.

James’ next step is going to make changes to the lives of hundreds.

A Promise to the Youth of Akron

This past Monday, the I Promise School opened for a select group of third and fourth graders. They students from Akron were selected based on their academic history. Those that were behind the learning curve (in reading especially) were given priority to the program. The I Promise School’s mission is to give these kids the help they truly need.

The night before the grand opening, James took to Twitter to express his enthusiasm. In a string of tweets, LeBron James spoke of his aspirations, his pride, and his passion for the project.

Each year, a new class of students will be integrated, until the school is finally a proper kindergarten through fifth grade elementary. The school will help promote excellence and support for kids who otherwise may have been left in the dark, providing hope for the upcoming generation.