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For basketball fans, the news of Dwyane Wade‘s retirement was difficult to hear. Over the course of 16 years, Wade has become one of the best-known basketball players in the world– breaking records and bringing his team to championship wins on a number of occasions– but fame and stardom haven’t gone to his head.

Dwyane Wade gives back in a variety of ways. He has made charitable donations to a number of organizations, and even formed his own foundation, The Wade’s World Foundation, that provides support to organizations that help cultivate education, health, and social skills for at-risk children. What really shines, however, is the work he has done for a number of individuals in need.

Credit: Washington Post

Budweiser wanted to find a way to not only honor the phenomenal athlete, but the man. On April 9, the brewery posted a four-minute video that explored just how honorable a man Wade is. Budweiser reunited Wade with a number of individuals whose lives he has made a difference in: a young woman who could not afford college tuition, victims of a terrible fire, the family of a victim of the Parkland shooting, and his mother.

.@DwyaneWade’s legacy is bigger than basketball. Watch how we surprised him in honor of his #OneLastDance. #ThisBudsFor3

Wade appears overwhelmed and emotional as these five relay to him just how much he means to them. In no way was Dwyane Wade obligated to help any of these people, yet he took time out of his day to make a positive impact in the lives of these individuals. Dwyane Wade’s legacy is more than just basketball. His legacy extends to the lives he made a difference in.