2020 has been shaken to its core thanks to a global pandemic. Unfortunately, it is a problem we continue to battle more than halfway through the year. The need for research, protective equipment, and other relief is still high.

Thankfully, some compassionate celebrities have stepped forward to provide aide and make a positive impact on the world. Through their wealth and status, they not only help fight the virus, but spread awareness to their millions of fans. Learn a little more about the organizations that celebrities are supporting below.


Rihanna regularly donates to a number of organizations through her Clara Lionel Foundation— an organization dedicated to providing funds for health and emergency response programs around the world. Through the nonprofit, Rihanna has donated five million dollars to Direct Relief, Partners In Health, Feeding America, the International Rescue Committee, World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and more. The donations support underserved communities that struggle due to the global pandemic, as well as the healthcare professionals who have been working to keep everyone save.

James Taylor

Old-time singer-songwriter James Taylor wanted to provide relief to his home state of Massachusetts– an area that was hit hard during the first few months of coronavirus.  To offset the needs of medical personnel, Taylor and his wife donated one million dollars to Massachusetts General Hospital. The donation will support the development of in-house testing, establishing a coronavirus hotline, the transformation of hospital spaces to accommodate COVID patients, expanding telemedicine capabilities, and the purchase of personal protective equipment.

 “There is no question that it’s a point of pride for New Englanders to claim the MGH as their hospital – our hospital – and this is especially true today with the threat coming from a new and insidious virus,” Taylor says in a statement. “Kim and I want to be part of this fight. We have been so inspired by the courage and sacrifice of the health care heroes in the trenches who are working so hard to protect us all.”

Credit: NBC Boston

Serena Williams

One of the biggest problems everyone across the United States has come across during this pandemic is the ability to get face-masks. For a while, they were expensive and hard to find, and Serena Williams decided to help alleviate that problem by donating 4.25 million masks to underserved schools, as well as other educational materials that will come in handy as schools go back in session.

“In addition to donating 4.25 million masks, another mask will be donated for each one purchased by the schools. I’m grateful to be able to help educate our schools about this resource, and to be given the opportunity to serve so many students,” Williams says on Instagram.

Credit: CNBC


Shakira has made an impact her home-country of Colombia. With the rising need for ventilators and N95 masks for health care workers, Shakira took it upon herself to provide the people of her home down, Barranquilla, with the supplies they need. The mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo, posted his gratitude on Twitter:

“One of the most beloved Barranquilleras in the world is @shakira, and she is also one of the people who most love Barranquilla. Huge thank you for your contribution of thousands of N95 masks for our health care workers, and ventilators that will save lives.”

Octavia Spencer

Hospitals have struggled with acquiring the supplies they need to help their patients since the beginning of the pandemic. Oscar-winning actress, Octavia Spencer, took it upon herself to give back to the hospitals in need in her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, as well as New York. She teamed up with Miku to donate essential breathing monitors to hospitals in these two cities, as announced on her Instagram

Credit: CNN

Dolly Parton

In the name of research, country legend Dolly Parton announced her donation of one million dollars to Vanderbilt University. She explains in a Twitter post that Dr. Naji Abumrad, a longtime friend, informed her of the advancements the school was making towards a coronavirus cure. In an effort to help, Parton decided to help him and his team get a little closer to the cure by funding the research.

Credit: Good Housekeeping

Charlize Theron

Through her foundation, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP), and her partners CARE and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Charlize Theron launched Together for Her. The movement was formed to fight gender-based violence during COVID-19. The organization has committed $1 million to COVID-19 relief efforts, with $500,000 designated towards domestic violence shelters and programs. The money will help provide women support with accommodation, crisis intervention, psycho-social support, and so much more. 

“The easing of South Africa’s #COVID19 lockdown regulations is revealing the effects the lockdown has had on women and children living in abusive households. In some cases, gender-based violence is now heightened,” CTAOP Instagram says. “To mitigate the impact of GBV, our #TogetherForHer campaign in partnership with @careorg and @eifoundation is providing direct relief to women and children who require support globally.”

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar


Over the many months since coronavirus has hit the United States, Eminem has helped provide support in a unique ways. In an effort to foster a philanthropic side in others, he announced that he is donating a pair of his rare Exminem X Carhartt Air Jordans— so rare, in fact, that they’re worth about $20,000. Tickets for a chance to win these shoes were $10. Proceeds were to benefit the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

To directly benefit Detroit-area healthcare workers who have been working insane hours throughout the coronavirus pandemic (especially when Detroit was hit so hard), he donated cups of his “Mom’s Spaghetti” to provide these brave men and women a hot meal.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Some celebrities are banding with companies to not only raise funds, but give people something to show for it. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis partnered with Point Wines and Battle Creek Vineyards to launch their own “Quarantine Wine–” something a lot of people could use these days. 100 percent of the profits from this partnership are donated directly to charities helping with COVID-19 relief. 

“One-hundred percent, that’s right, 100 percent of the profits will go to a handful of charities that we have vetted for you and are so proud of during this time,” Kunis says in a Twitter video. “Anything from feeding families who have fallen on hard times …”

“To supplying PPE equipment to frontline medical workers,” Kutcher adds. “To helping small businesses and people who are in distress recover.”

Credit: VinePair

The Weeknd

Musical artist The Weeknd donated one million dollars to COVID-19 relief efforts. The donation was split between two organizations. Half to MusiCares, an organization dedicated to health, financial, and rehabilitation assistance to musicians in times of need. The other half went to the front-line healthcare workers of the Scarborough Health Network, a Canadian organization.

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