Former Marine Drives 1,000 Miles to Deliver Supplies for Ukrainian Refugees

Former Marine Drives 1,000 Miles to Deliver Supplies for Ukrainian Refugees

Former Marine Drives 1,000 Miles to Deliver Supplies for Ukrainian Refugees

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When tragedy strikes, many rise to the occasion. Upon seeing the images and videos of families broken apart by the tragedies in Ukraine, former Royal Marine Tom Littledyke knew he had to do something.

Littledyke was quick to form a plan: he was going to drive 1,000 miles from his home in Dorset, England to the Ukrainian boarder to deliver needed supplies to refugees. This will take him through England, through the English channel, France, Germany, and finally through Poland. His partner will stay behind to manage his two pubs and Italian restaurant.

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“Too often do we think that we have to do something grand and if it can’t be grand what’s the point,” Littledyke says. “It doesn’t matter what we do as long as it’s something in the right direction. There’s so many of us who want to help, it will all build to this gigantic thing.”

Knowing the trip would be expensive, Littledyke set up a fundraiser to support it. Blown away by his gesture, people rose to the occasion to help. In just under 12 hours, he managed to collect collected £4,000 in donations (or $5,300). He loaded sleeping bags, pillows, toys, and more into a 16-seater minibus.

More than anything, Tom Littledyke wants to bring a “tinge of hope and warmth” to the people of Ukraine who are currently struggling. Overwhelmed with emotion and inspired by the support he received, he started his journey on Monday—but not without a pitstop in Kent to pick up those who also want to support Ukraine.

Now, Littledyke has taken on a new task: driving refugees in Ukraine to safety in Lviv, Poland. So far he’s helped 60 people escape danger.

Credit: Tom Littledyke

While most of us can’t make a grand trek to another country to help those in need, we can all do something to make a difference. Even donating a few dollars can help a fundraiser hit a goal, bringing people in need the support they require. Even spreading the world can change things immensely.

Consider donating to: Sunflower for Peace, Save the Children, and Razom for Ukraine.







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