Health and wellness is a topic that has been frequently covered by the media for years and years, and rightfully so. No matter how proactive they actually are, everyone would like the live the healthiest life they can, be that through traditional diet and exercise, or other modern approaches.

Even celebrities have jumped on the healthy bandwagon. Companies have always used the stars to sell their products, but many of these stars are now trying their own hands at wellness products. Gwyneth Paltrow is among these famous few. Her brand, Goop, has received praise for its promotion of body positivity and “lifestyle change” as opposed to dieting, while simultaneously garnering backlash for its broad and largely incorrect assertions of what products can do.

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A Place for Medically Supervised Beauty

There are a number of odd “hacks” supposed specialists attempt to stuff down our throats, especially during the age of the internet. But among the strange health hoaxes, good has come. A recent trend in the world of wellness is the rise of the Medi-Spa.

While the phrase may lead to scratching heads, the concept is simple enough. So, what is a medi-spa? The most basic definition is a traditional spa that combines beauty needs with medically supervised procedures in order to yield the best results for clients. These spas perform procedures such facial peels, but also laser hair removal and weight loss treatments.

These Medi-Spas are popping up across the nation. Each one has their own, unique model of business and treatments to help reel in customers, but one Miami Medi-Spa is made specifically for African Americans and people of color: Dr. Thrower’s MedSpa.

A Medi-Spa Miami Trailblazer

Dr. Angelo Thrower has been in the business of dermatology for over 25 years. Though not his initial choice of field, upon realizing that there were not only practically no black dermatologists, but no information the differences between ethnic skin and Caucasian skin, Dr. Thrower knew he had to be the cog in the machine that changed this industry.

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Determined and bright, Dr. Thrower was sure-fire to be successful. Upon hearing about him and his work, a podiatrist introduced him to former trainer of the popular Miami Heat, Ron Culp. Impressed by Dr. Thrower’s work, Mr. Culp signed Dr. Thrower as one of the Miami Heat team physicians—a title he has retained for over 25 years.

While his time with the NBA has certainly kept him busy, the brunt of Dr. Thrower’s work lies within his own businesses—the aforementioned MedSpa, and a skin-care line of his own creation.

Dr. Thrower understands that different skin types respond differently to certain methods of treatment. While something may work perfectly well for those of European decent, it may have little to no effect on those of Caribbean decent. As a result, his various MedSpa treatments have been designed with all skin types in mind—dry or oily, light or dark, anyone can come to Dr. Thrower’s MedSpa and receive the treatment they need to achieve the best results possible.

The spa offers a wide range of services for the widest variety of clients. Available advanced clinical facials include anti-aging peels, acne surgeries, and combined dermabrasion or laser treatments. Separate laser treatments can be scheduled for anything from laser hair removal to skin tightening and the removal of excess fat. All of Dr. Thrower’s treatments are quick, outpatient, and proven to be highly effective.

Care Away from the Spa

But one major point of contention when it comes to proper treatment is that of at-home care. The average person can’t always afford to make it to the spa as often as they maybe should. One of Dr. Thrower’s passions is not only treatment, but teaching proper skin care. Dr. Thrower’s personal line of skin care helps bring the strong, effective, and safe treatments right to a client’s home.

The products offered have been created to properly treat the many problems faced by those with ethnic skin. His signature Total Solution Kits take the distinction one step forward with their unique formulas designed to treat dry, combination, and oily skin.

Normal/Combination Skin Total Solution Kit - Dr. Thrower's Skin Care

His skin care goes beyond cleansing and acne treatment. Recently, Dr. Thrower has developed an innovative product for thin hair, the Thro-Grower. Those suffering from hair loss and thinning can once more achieve thicker, healthier hair once more through frequent use of the scalp-friendly formula.

None of his products are made or marketed specifically for men or women. Anyone in the world can use and recievegreat results from of Dr. Thrower’s products or MedSpa treatments. Dr. Thrower’s work as a dermatologist has been a prominent part of Miami for nearly three decades, and as a result, has benefited a grand number of clients in the glamorous city. Miami wouldn’t be the same without Dr. Thrower’s inclusive practices.

For more information on Dr. Thrower, the MedSpa, or any of his products, call (305) 757-9797 or visit their Miami office.

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