Though we all have differing opinions and values, there are two things men and women across the United States collectively approach at a near-obsessive level. That first obsession for many, is food. We need food for energy, so it’s no wonder we all share such a passionate love for our individual, favorite foods. But restaurants serve our favorites in portions that could feed a family of four, and pre-packaged grocery goods are full of sugar, sodium, and artificial preservatives that, if enjoyed a little too often, leads many to resort to America’s second obsession: dieting.

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There are hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of diets for people to pick and choose from. Some are healthy lifestyle changes that produce long-lasting results. Some, however, can be flat-out dangerous. Fasting, dramatically cutting caloric intake, or eliminating a food group all together can have a dramatic, negative impact on the dieter’s health. Dieting is supposed to lead to a healthier-self, not a thinner, sickly-self.

Unfortunately, the many hormonal fluctuations women undergo across not only a lifetime, but even just a month, can lead to stubborn weight-gain that won’t seem to quit. With the media constantly perpetuating unrealistic body expectations for women, it’s no wonder how fad diets can quickly pick up steam. One gynecologist-turned-weight loss doctor in Corpus Christi, Texas, however, had enough of watching women struggle with extra weight and dangerous diets, and decided he could do something to help.

Born-and-raised Texan, Dr. Dale Eubank extended his hand from gynecology to become the owner and medical director of Advanced Research Associates. The research center worked with dozens of major pharmaceutical companies and underwent over 60 clinical trials to make sure this solution to stubborn weight was fast, effective, but most importantly, safe to those using it.

That need birthed the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program, a weight loss alternative that is perfect for those in search of help on their weight loss journey. Dr. Eubank’s clinic, Advanced Weight Loss, is where the magic happens. People who have struggled time and time again to shedd their extra weight, this program has proven to provide clients the boost they needed to finally continue losing weight. Patients are provided with a daily supplement, and an individualized diet and exercise plan that is tailored to the patient’s personal goals and needs. In just 12 weeks, clients loose an average of 35 pounds.

What exactly is the mystery ingredient that delivers these superior results? To find that out, all one has to do is look to the program’s name. Dr. Eubank’s supplements are based entirely around a natural chemical found in the brain: Serotonin. It is well known that a serotonin imbalance contributes anxiety and depression, but what many may not realize is how powerful a role the hormonal imbalance plays in increased carbohydrate cravings and binge eating—both of which play massive parts in weight gain.

By targeting that imbalance, clients lose weight in a healthy way while increasing their confidence and general life satisfaction. When the client reaches their weight loss goal, they can even continue taking the supplement if they desire. It is that safe.

While the initial product stemmed from the needs of Dr. Eubank’s female clients, the program was designed to be beneficial to both men and women all ages, races, and professions. Whether they need to lose 15 pounds or 150 pounds, the program seems to do the trick for each and every person that tries it. Be their weight gain medical or simply age-related, clients rave about how the program finally did the impossible for them. One former client goes in depth about her struggle with weight, and her journey to finally finding a solution:

“I never did a lot of different diet programs…I always tried to control my weight by exercising. But as I got older (53)…I was always hungry. I must have thought about my weight, and fel tbad about myself, 30 times a day at least. It affected everything…My slow but steady weight gain…affected all aspects of my life…I wanted to see some immediate results…

“In seven months I went from a size 18 to a size 8…With much improved nutritional habits to match my regular exercise program, my depression is better controlled, my chronic migraines are improved…

“I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel about my life, my work, my self-image. All my relationships –with family, friends, etc. – have improved…I feel very lucky to have spotted that small ad one day last March and took a step towards gaining control of my life. No fad diet would have done this for me. I feel that my new habits are going to be with me for life.”

In just seven months, this woman not only looks better than she has in years, but feels better about not just her physical image and her inner self as a whole. This is something patients across the board report, even throughout the holiday months when so many of us put on weight. Over 20,000 patients have achieved their weight loss goals, kept the weight off, and finally live the healthy lifestyle they should.

This is what Dr. Eubank’s years of research, trials, and work have amounted to: a success that is plain to see.

For more information on Dr. Eubank and his weight loss services, call (361) 906-1112, email [email protected], or visit his Corpus Christi offices.

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